Six months after my first foray into Cloud Computing I won my first development competition. Since then I've been lucky enough to win a number of awards and competitions for things such as software development, blogging and contributions to developer communities.
In 2010 I published my first book on and the Platform. From time-to-time I also speak at industry events - from those small enough to fit into a pub to those that are large enough to fill the Moscone Centers in San Francisco.
Although I have published thousands of lines of code through my blog and in forums my most popular piece of open source work is Pajinate - a jQuery plug-in that has been featured on the “hot” page of and is mentioned on over 50 blogs worldwide.
My first experience with computers involved optimising Himem.sys to use less memory so that I could play Space Quest I. Since then I've worked in every sphere of IT including desktop support, hardware networks, software development and software architecture.
I've always had a penchant for graphic design and have created several commercial posters and even sold a few logos. Sometimes I throw together projects giving myself tight deadlines and test how quickly I can design a site while learning a new language or framework.

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created with nothing but a stone and sharpened stick. and jQuery. and hosted on the Platform.